(385) 479-0915 or (801) 661-5711 text or call! bluecollarbobbers@gmail.com
Q. Where are your kits manufactured?
A. With the exception of the lighting everything is made in Sandy, Utah.
Q. Does the 600 Shadow kit fit the 750 Shadows?
A. No, all kits will only fit the specified bike and not any other makes/models.
Q. Will the fender support a passenger?
A. No, even if it did, the passenger would go up and down with the rear tire. The ride would be terrible.
Q. Do you sell bobber motorcycles?
A. No, we only sell the kits to convert your own bike into a bobber.
Q. Do you have installation videos on your website?

A. Yes! Simply navigate to the page with your bike make and model, scroll down until you see a video with a play button in the center. To go directly to a specific video, click on the upper right hand corner of the video and a playlist will be displayed, then click on the video you want.

Q. Does the Rebel CMX 250 fit the Rebel CMX 450?
A. No, our rebel kit only fits the Rebel CMX 250.
Q. Why do you offer drag bars with and without risers?
A. The reason we do is because the shorter bars will hit the tank when turned all the way on the Vulcan and V-star. The longer bars just barely clear without the risers but the risers make the longer bars better also. The Shadow and the Rebel do not require risers.
Q. Can I run the stock front signal lights with your rear light kits?
A. Yes, the front lights can be left stock or changed at any time.
Q. Do you sell Apes?
A. No, they are available in too many sizes. The cables, brake hose and wiring have to be lengthened.
Q. What makes a complete kit?
A. Everybody’s “complete” kit is going to be different. We believe there are four basic kits that every bobber should have: a Seat Kit, Rear Fender Kit, License Bracket, and a Rear Light Kit.
Q. Are there any other kits available that are not on the website?
No, only kits specified.
Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. We sure do. The average shipping cost is $70.00-$110.00, depending upon what you buy. Shipping time is 2 to 4 days.
Q. Is the V-star also known as the V-star Drag Star in Europe?
A. Yes, they are the same bike.
Q. What method of payment do you accept?
A. Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card.
Q. Do you offer spring seats?
A. Yes, all of our seat kits are springers.
Q. Can I run a stock fender with your seat kit?
A. No, our seat kit is designed to run with a bobber fender. The stock seat and fender have to go when converting your bike with our kits.
Q. Which seats do you recommend – Small or Large?
A. We like the small seats on the Shadows, Rebels and Savage (s40). The other bikes look great with both large or small seats.