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Our first modern day Bobber/Cafe Racer! 

 Even though these little gems are awesome bikes and a blast to ride, they must be boring to most of their owners. We noticed that most of the used ones for sale are so dirty that you can’t see the cool stripes around the wheels. After a good cleaning and adding our kits, our Vulcan S came to life. It gets a ton of attention and there isn’t anything else that has the look.

 The Vulcan S is a long, low and super light bike. Kawasaki used the Ninja 650 motor and tuned it for low and mid-range torque. With its low seat height and adjustable foot peg locations, it’s a perfect match for beginners and expert riders. 

 The Vulcan S uses a lot of 6mm screws, so a little finesse is required to install our kits. And with all our products, the entire conversion can be done with the bike on its kickstand. You will have to cut off the rear passenger fender section. We include a cutting jig to make this an easy task. After that everything bolts into place. The entire process should be done in about a weekend. 

 The only thing you will need to plan on is a color for your rear fender. If your tank is in good shape, you can paint the rear fender to match, or paint the entire bike. What a fun project, and the end result is a totally unique, custom machine!


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