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7/8″ diameter, chrome clubman handlebar (pre-drilled).
Notice that we have drilled both sides of the bars for your switch housings. That’s important to keep the grips in place.
Our installation video, located just above the products, will show how easy they are to install. Be sure to click on the upper left hand corner of the video to see the list of videos to choose from. You will run your stock cables and brake hose. It’s easy and fun!
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There are three handlebar options for your café racer:
1. Run the stock bar, either in the original position or tilted back as described in our videos. This looks good, but not as official as our clubman bar. It’s the most comfortable option, especially for shorter riders. Notice Tara (who is 5 ft. 5 in. tall) on the red racer. Those are the stock bars, tilted back.
2. Run with our clubman bar. It’s the best looking way to go. It does position you forward and down. It’s the most aggressive look, but longer rides can be a tad uncomfortable. Notice Tara on the grey racer. Those are the clubman bars with no spacers.
3. Run with our clubman bar and spacer. That will raise the bar about 1-3/4″ which really helps with the comfort.

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Weight 4 lbs