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You will NOT be able to use your passenger foot pegs with our exhaust kit.

These great sounding little exhausts will only work on Rebels that have the stock exhaust pipes exiting BOTH sides of the motorcycle (one on each side). We get asked all the time about re-jetting using our exhaust. Our Rebels run fine with the stock jets. Most of our customers report the same thing, however if the stock air box is changed and our exhaust is added, then re-jetting may be necessary.

Emgo makes these shorty mufflers exclusively for us. They have the reinforcement around the mounting studs. We also include special lock nuts which are designed for the heat from the exhaust. Kit Includes brackets (gloss black powder coated), spacers and high temperature silicon sealant. The two chrome mufflers will give your rebel a nice rumble. It will sound like an old Triumph. Our installation video, located just above the products, will show how easy they are to install. Be sure to click on the upper left hand corner of the video to see the list of videos to choose from. Your stock header pipes will have to be cut. No welding required. All hardware included.

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Weight 7 lbs