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1″ Diameter x 34 1/2″ Long Tracker Bar

First, let us say that changing handlebars takes time and patience. There is a hole in the bar that allows a pin in your throttle housing. The pin is necessary in order for the housing to stay in place while you give your bike the gas! On some bikes there is also a pin on the clutch side. Drilling these holes is difficult. That’s why we offer the Kiwav drill fixture. We also include a matching drill to make the job easy. You may want to skim through our install video to see how to make changing the bars much easier. On all the bars, you never need to change cables or wires.
Our tracker bar will make your bike much more custom looking while putting you in a more aggressive riding position, yet still be comfortable.
The machined risers locate the tracker bar to the top triple clamp. This puts the bar in a perfect place to allow a comfortable angle for the tracker bar. Just bolt on the risers and bars. Your stock cables, brake hose and wiring will work just fine.  
Note: Your stock grips won’t work with our bars. We sell the Vans Cult grips for this application.
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