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These grips are designed with the Vans shoe waffle sole pattern. We only recommend these for our Honda kits. Honda’s have a smooth throttle tube which allows these grips to slide into place. As of March 1st, 2023 we have used WD-40 to install them. The weather here in Utah hasn’t allowed us to do any test rides. They have a nice tacky feel and are soft enough to help with riding fatigue. All the Honda’s, except the Rebel, use the 1″ grips. Rebels use a 7’8″ diameter. We’ve included an install video for you to see how they go onto the handlebars. Just like our kits, these grips are made in the USA. So cool!
Note: These grips are available in other colors. We only stock black and brown. If all you need is the grips, you may check Amazon for less expensive shipping.

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Weight 1 lbs